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The World Association of Copepodologists (WAC) is a nonprofit international organization whose purpose is to promote research on Copepoda by facilitating communication among interested specialists. You can find out more about the WAC at

History of the WAC conferences:

First: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1981
Second: Ottawa, Canada, 1984
Third: London, UK, 1987
Fourth: Karuizawa, Japan, 1990
Fifth: Baltimore, USA, 1993
Sixth: Oldenburg, Germany, 1996
Seventh: Curitiba, Brazil, 1999
Eighth: Keelung, Taiwan, 2002
Ninth: Hammamet, Tunisia, 2005
Tenth: Pattaya, Thailand, 2008
Eleventh: Merida, Mexico, 2011
Twelfth: Seoul, Korea, 2014
Thirteenth: Los Angeles, USA, 2017